Welcome to The Bakers World, I am The Baker. Housed here are a  collection of Virtual items which I have cooked up!

 .My GTR2 Mods. Real world race/road cars and fictional.
(Koni championships)
 .My GTR2 Mods2. Real world road cars and fictional.
(TrackDays, )
 .My Music.I go under the name of KauZe & EFfekt, making progressive drum and bass. (Coming soon is the new album, still no name yet but first cuts of tracks 1&2 with quick videos)

 .My GraphiX. A collection of various art work, made in photoshop and coral draw.

 .My Maps. At the bottom will be the links to the maps/mods needed for them to work.
(once re-uploaded to fileplanet)

.This web site is a WIP (work in progress) and always will be.


The Car Park - Game: SAS-Mod for UT2004. Map description: The car park was an objective map, and TDM (Unfortunatly there was no CTF in the SAS-Mod). SAS start in 2 seperate postions at the top. Team 1 must go into the toll booth and press a button to open the barriers and the doors for team 2. Img1 is the top down view of the map.

(As with all my maps, family commitment, work, computer limitations, and the popularity of the mod its self going down, most of the maps stayed as beta maps. most of the things worked)

The Mall -  Map for SF(StrikeForce)1.80 - Mod for UT 99

Mall Movie
File Size: 5020 kb
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The Silo - SAS mod for UT2004 Map Description:

Petrol Station - SAS mod for UT2004

YouTube music video showing various Maps.


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[Any File i have uploaded, is downloaded at your own risk. And should be virus scanned as always, any virus are beyond my control!]

[Any File i have uploaded, is downloaded at your own risk and should be virus scanned as always, any viruseye are beyond my control!]

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